The Looming American Matriarchy, Robespierre & Admiral Michael G. Mullen



Robespierre guillotined during the Reign of Terror, 1794

Some historians state that he was executed face up —

to watch the descending blade. There has been some concern and backlash on the ‘justice’ rendered to Naval Academy…attendee… Lamar Owens.

Gerald L. Atkinson writes on The New Age ‘Diversity’ and Its Discontents as part of his series on the Looming American Matriarchy. His article,

[A]ddresses the origins of the modern ‘diversity’ movement. It traces this movement in the U.S. Navy and in our broader society as well. It attempts to tie the loose ends of this subject together as it relates to the Looming American Matriarchy and the ‘counter-culture’ revolution of which it is a part.

Whereas the previous issue of this journal revealed the surprising depth to which the modern idea of ‘diversity’ has wormed its way deep into the heart and soul of the U.S. Navy — and with the appointment of ADM Michael G. Mullen to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — eventually into the entire military.

This issue attempts to understand this phenomenon, ­ its essence, origins, adherents, and purpose. How could the radical feminists and their supporters embedded in every institution across the land over the past three or more decades have usurped the civil rights movement to the point where sexual politics trumps race?

The answer is straightforward.

We are fortunate to have a seminal book on this subject: Diversity: The Invention of a Concept by Peter Wood, Encounter Books 2003. Th[is] book provides an in-depth treatment of ‘diversity’ as a modern ideology.

The interesting aspect of this treatment is the striking parallel of the ‘excesses’ of the French Revolution with the New Age ideology of ‘diversity.’

One can imagine the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the counterpart of Robespierre ­– the Fool as Revolutionary and Midshipman Lamar Owens and the hundreds of naval officer ‘warriors’ who have been ‘purged’ over the past two decades and are still being purged as the counterpart of the innocent Catholic priests who were put to the guillotine and drowned on barges in the wake of the blood bath of the Reign of Terror in France in 1789.

When will the modern day Robespierres find their just end?

It may be likely that the same forces that are alive and boiling under the surface in America ­ those forces that forced the politicians to scrap the recent seriously-flawed immigration legislation proposals will carry the day.

We must understand the difference between the Franco-German way and the Anglo-American way if we are to preserve our civilization as it was handed down to us by our Founding Fathers.

Provocative. See the New Totalitarians, by Gerald “Beak” Atkinson.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Half of Rape Allegations are False: Seven Clues from Your Business Blogger. A not so subtle point in Management Training.

And it is not just Lamar Owens. see Girls win — Boys lose: Webster Smith, Coast Guard Academy Cadet Convicted What is it about feminists and black men?


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