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The Memo: Leadership and Followership in
Completed Staff Work

The Memo: How the Classified Military Document that Helped the U.S. Win World War II Can Teach You How to Succeed in Business Get The Memo here. Completed Staff Work is now offered at The Catholic...


Pearl Harbor Day 2009, Links

The Pearl Harbor Telegram We were at war. We are at war. *** Tom McMahon did the thinking. I’ll do the linking. See more of Tom’s outstanding Pearl Harbor Day — WW2 blogging at...


Burial at Sea

Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) served as a Survivor Assistance Officer in the Army. This is real work. Duty and Honor. The death of every service member is a public event. John...


The Long War, by LTC Reid Sawyer, USA

The following report was forwarded to Your Business Blogger(R) by John Howland editor of the USNA-AT-Large. It deserves a wide audience. THE LONG WAR. Presentation by LTC Reid Sawyer, USA, Director, Combating Terrorism Center...


In Memoriam: USS Bonefish Lost 18 June 1945

At a recent funeral — they seem to come faster and faster as we get older and older — Charmaine and I talked about burials. Cremation, well, lights our fire and speeds up that...


The Salvation of Private Ryan, D-Day; 2009

Following is a movie review by Your Business Blogger(R) originally published by the Scripps Howard News Service. Get updates on Twitter. WHY SAVING PRIVATE RYAN FALLS SHORT By JOHN WESLEY YOEST JR. “Please tell...