Do You Know Any Convicted Felons? Who Donated to Hillary Clinton?


Your Business Blogger has been concerned that Hillary Clinton was running away with the Democrat nomination. I wondered, Who could stop her now?.

So a few months ago I sat down with Richard Collins, from Texas, where most common sense originates, to get his ideas on confronting Hillary Clinton. He is the founder of the Hillary Clinton education website — the ‘go-to’ site on what Hill&Bill are scamming up next.

He’s also done an eye catching banner. A big one. That trails behind a plane to fly over head reminding people of the down side of any Clinton in power.

And now Richard Collins has announced a $1000 reward for any information leading to other convicted felons who have donated to the Clinton campaign, in addition to the Norman Hsu Clinton crook.

Collins has done quite well in his many businesses. And he likes to give people value for their money.

This $1,000 reward might be his best service yet.

WANTED: Other Convicted Felons Who Have Donated to the Clinton Campaign



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1 Response

  1. I can see this campaign backfiring. You are sending two messages here:

    “Felons supported Hillary. If you vote for her, you are just like a criminal!” – Effective.

    “We dont care about the issues or competance, we would rather try to smear our opponents by trying to associate them with a hated population!” – Own-goal.

    Which will make the greatest impact? My cynicism tells me that the first, probably.

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