MEDIA ALERT: Business & Media Institute: CNN Gets Gas Price Prediction Wrong


Your Business Blogger has a piece up at the Business & Media Institute. BMI, as alert readers noticed, was mentioned and cited by Rush Limbaugh today — on particulary good article.

It wasn’t mine.

Rush was talking about Dan Gainor, my editor at the Business & Media Institute: Advancing the Culture of Free Enterprise in America. Rush Limbaugh discusses BMI’s special report Fire & Ice.

See more on Dan here. And be sure to watch him each Thursday afternoon on the new Fox Business Network


CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ Gets Gas Price Prediction Wrong

Though predicted price spike didn’t happen, show still talks down about the future.

By Jack Yoest

Business & Media Institute

CNN’s “Your $$$$$” is ready for a spike in gas prices. It just hasn’t happened despite predictions.

On October 20, the show’s guest Peter Beutel, president of energy risk management firm Cameron Hanover, predicted a 20-cent increase in the price of a gallon a gas. How soon? In the next week.

It didn’t happen.

Read the article here and let me know what you think.


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