MEDIA ALERT: Your Business Blogger at Business & Media Institute: CNN In Search of Recession


Your Business Blogger has a piece up at the Business & Media Institute. Be sure to read for the surprising (to liberals) ending.

CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ Scours the Nation for Recession Hints

Co-hosts prod guests about the R-word, select states with bad news.

By Jack Yoest

Business & Media Institute

11/7/2007 10:37:09 AM

The national economy continues its strong performance, but “Your $$$$$” co-hosts Ali Velshi and Christine Romans were looking hard for bad news.

In October, 166,000 jobs were added, twice the expected growth rate. General growth as measured by the gross domestic product was estimated at a robust 3.9 percent for the most recent quarter.

That meant CNN didn’t find a national recession and had to look for trouble on the state level.

“There are some states…where people are feeling all the elements of a recession already,” Velshi said. Earlier in October, Velshi told viewers “the bottom line is to most Americans, a recession is what it feels like to you.”

Velshi gets lost in the economic forest. Read the entire article and learn what the rational economic family does when living in high cost states.


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