On The Campaign Trail With Huckabee: The Dude’s Big Break

Dude X-Ray Broken Arm

Dude X-Ray
Broken Wrist

On the campaign (ski) trail Your Business Blogger has the rambunctious Penta-Posse on the road supporting Huckabee for President.

Alert Readers ask,

“How do you do it?”

The one word answer,


And I would follow-up: “Nobody gets hurt.”

I can’t say that any more.

On the way home from New Hampshire I steered the Hucka-Truck with the Penta-Posse for a day of night skiing at Pat’s Peak.

Charmaine suggested that taking five children out on the slopes is a formula for trouble.

Skisbootsglovesgoggleshelmetspolescoats X 5 + Your Business Blogger = Charmaine is right again.

So. Under close parental supervision — meaning within cell phone range — The Dude and The Diva were doing a Double Black Diamond double time.

Their first run down the Diamond was slow, deliberate and measured in keeping with our family motto of Safety First.

Their second run was faster. The Dude took a jump, grabbed some air, ate some snow.

That was the only thing he ate that night. He took the pain like a trooper. Better than me.

I wonder about the coming physical therapy though…


The Dude at the Huckabee Iowa Victory Party

The Dude at the Huckabee
Iowa Victory Party

The Dude before his big break at the Victory party in Iowa
Photo Credit: Brooks Kraft from Time

Thank you (foot)notes:

Jeffrey Lovallo, MD, installed the cast. The Dude got the cast in black. In memory of the diamonds. No complications and the cast should be off in six weeks.

Dr. Lovallo,

is currently an upper extremity consultant to the Washington Redskins and the DC United professional soccer team. He is a consultant for DePuy Medical, the leading total shoulder joint replacement company in the US. As a total shoulder arthroplasty consultant for DePuy, he has produced a state of the art video on total shoulder replacement.

I asked if he could help us get The Dude on the field as a walk-on for the Redskins. He mentions some nonsense about how the NFL has rules on eligibility: a junior in college. But he says there might be an exception for homeschoolers…


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2 Responses

  1. Laura Burnes says:

    Hi Jack –

    Laura Burnes here again in CA. Love the updates from the campaign trail.

    In you latest edition, I noticed you mentioned that your children are home schooled?? (5 of them?)

    My son starts Kindergarten in the fall and our school system is so poorly run and 18 million in the hole. This is an option we are seriously considering.

    We could travel across the country with daddy having lessons on the road…. Would love to hear more about your experience with home schooling.

    All my best,

    Laura Burnes

  2. Otto Pebworth says:

    Ouch! Sorry for the Dude!

    Sounds just like a church organist who decided to go roller skating with the church group two weeks before Easter…. Ayup – he (I, that is) ended up with a purple cast (well, it WAS Lent!).

    Hope you heal up quickly!

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