Candidate Comparison: Who Supports The Human Life Amendment?



AdvanceUSA Our friends at AdvanceUSA has a nifty comparison chart listing the presidential candidates. Look and link,

Dear Jack and Charmaine,

I thought you might be interested in our 2008 Candidate Comparisons. With half the country voting in presidential primaries over the next few weeks I wanted to send you a resource our organization has carefully researched and produced.

We have prepared some succinct and attractive Candidate Comparisons for both the Democrat and Republican 2008 presidential caucuses and primaries. We selected ten issues and compared and contrasted the candidates as objectively as possible.

You can view and download these Candidate Comparisons (CCs) free on our website at

We hope you find this resource useful.


Dan Herbster

Legislative Research Assistant


Alert Readers will note that Mike Huckabee supports the Human Life Amendment and the Marriage Amendment.


Thank you (foot)notes:

The wife of Your Business Blogger, Charmaine has served as a paid adviser to Mike Huckabee.


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  1. Dan Herbster says:

    Jack and Charmaine,

    Thanks so much for posting a link to our Candidate Comparisons on your blog. And thanks for the kinds words. We appreciate the exposure and hope people find this resource helpful.


    Dan Herbster


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