Priests for Life Asks, Is This What You Mean?


Father Frank Pavone Pro-Life Group Challenges Pro-Abortion Politicians With Video of Abortions.

Some 85% of women choose to keep their babies once they view a sonogram of their child.

There is no data yet on the number of politicians who will choose life after watching Father Pavone’s video.

The video is, well, graphic. But why does it offend so? The baby is not protected by the Constitution.

A parasitic blob of tissue.

Nothing to see here; move along…

The video reminds Your Business Blogger(R) of those old black and white photographs of lynched black men.

Or something out of a concentration camp for Jews.

Blacks and Jews at one time had no rights. And now Babies have no rights.

Goodness, Is Jeremiah Wright right?*

Heaven forbid.


Thank you (foot)notes: Pro-Life News Report has the story,

Pro-Life Group Challenges Pro-Abortion Politicians With Video of Abortions

Staten Island, NY ( — A leading pro-life Catholic group is challenging pro-abortion politicians with new YouTube videos illustrating the two most common types of abortion methods. The videos are part of a campaign Priests for Life has started, called “Is This What You Mean?” Father Frank Pavone, the head of the pro-life group, talked with about the new initiative. “Our campaign is based on a simple challenge: We quote the words of the doctors who perform abortions, and then we ask supporters of legal abortion, ‘Is this what you mean when you say the word abortion?,'” Father Pavone explained. “People worldwide can use this approach with those who hold or seek public office and say they support the legality of abortion,”

*Obama’s former preacher Jeremiah Wright says we are under God’s judgment, “God D@mn America.” For different reasons.


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