Americans United for Life Annual Gala, 2008, PowerPoint


defending_life_aul.jpgLast Thursday AUL held their annual fund raising event at the Palmer House in Chicago.

The Henry J. Hyde Defender of Life Award was presented to Jessica Shanahan, president for New Yorkers for Parental Rights. (Obama has promised that Parental Rights would be the first right to be outlawed under his administration.)

Ramesh Ponnuru from National Review gave the keynote. Key Takeaway: “What mother wants to introduce her son, The Abortionist…?”

Abortion is on the decline because of the work of AUL and the public’s awareness that that abortion kills a baby.

Charmaine gave a spell-binding presentation. (Biased Opinion, Your Business Blogger(R).) PowerPoint and her notes here: AUL gala 10-9-08.ppt.

James M. Kushiner, the Executive Editor at Touchstone Magazine attended and blogged. Read his outstanding commentary at Obama Lied Fewer Died. Good Read.

Not everyone wants babies to live. See Leslie Bradshaw’s list. AUL made it. This is proof of a pro-live organization’s effectiveness.

From the press release on Yahoo,

(AUL) last night presented the Henry J. Hyde Defender of Life Award to New Yorkers for Parental Rights (NYFPR). Jessica Shanahan, President of NYFPR, was on hand to accept the award.

AUL President Dr. Charmaine Yoest said, “The work of New Yorkers for Parental Rights is both an inspiration and a guide to all who work to protect women and the unborn.”

The Henry J. Hyde Defender of Life Award is presented by Americans United for Life in recognition of outstanding legislative efforts in the defense of human life. “Henry Hyde will always be an inspiring model of commitment to public service and the sanctity of human life — the William Wilberforce of our time,” said AUL Senior Counsel Clarke Forsythe. Congressman Hyde represented Illinois’ 6th District from 1975 to 2006; he served as Honorary Chairman of Americans United for Life until his death in November 2007.

The award was presented at the 2008 Annual Gala. Held at the Palmer House Hilton of Chicago, the Gala was emceed by social commentator and activist Lakita Garth-Wright, and featured a keynote speech by author and National Review Senior Editor Ramesh Ponnuru.


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