MEDIA ALERT: Video Of Charmaine On Glenn Beck: Co-Ed Dorm…Rooms



Charmaine giving a lecture

on abortion at Princeton Rakes, Cads and leering Don Juans — that is to say: all normal men — have been attempting to seduce women for 4,000 years.

Our institutions of higher learning have noticed this and are helping out. No, not helping the parents, not the girls, not our culture.

Nope. Your local college administrator, acting in place of the parents, has now made it possible for the young women to undress in front of the young men in the privacy of their own (parental-paid) room.

This is not the No-Tell Motel. It is the college dorm room.

Higher Education has been working for decades to help separate not the women from men, but women from their clothes in front of men. And now the colleges and the men have succeeded.

The colleges, Your Business Blogger(R) would suggest, are acting less loco prarentis but just plain loco.

Charmaine recently appeared on CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck Show Monday, May 5, 2008 to discuss the emergence of co-ed dorm rooms on college campuses.

Watch the clip here at the Family Research Council. Sorry for the extra clicking.


“Professor” Diana York Blaine

Womyn’s Studies

Normal people think co-ed dorm rooms are lunacy.

But the “professor” on the left is a typical Leftie that passes for normalcy on the local college campus.

Womyn’s Studies Professor and lunar worshipper Diana York Blaine offers Alert Readers Full Disclosure on helping college men in learning all about the modern womyn. The nutty professor Blaine teaches at USC. It is not known if clothing is optional.

Higher Education at its best.

Research Institutions pride themselves on ‘advancing scholarship.’

These days, Higher Ed is advancing an agenda.

And it is not a pretty site.


Thank you (foot)notes:

But sure to catch Charmaine’s recent appearance on FOX News March 1, 2008 where she debated the prevalence of shock-style — nasty — advertising in the media. Click here to view the video — please forgive the extra click on thru on the FRC site. Now that’s a Pretty Woman.

Full Disclosure: Charmaine has taught Politics and the Family at the University of Virginia; Your Business Blogger(R) teaches Business at the Northern Virginia Community College.

Blaine tells us on her site that,

Dr. Diana Blaine is a PhD philosopher, writer, adventurer, bon vivant and buttkicker. She’s read and studied how gender dynamics function in our culture…

Emphasis mine. Some lady. Email us your comments.


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