Al-Jazeerah Endorses Democrat for Senate


The friend of your enemy is… your enemy?


Aljazeerah has endorsed a Democratic candidate, Bob Casey, running for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

Aljazeerah attacks Senator Rick Santorum for his efforts in standing up for life, the United States and the family.


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Tom McClusky, Vice President for Government Affairs at the Family Research Council, points us to the story. He blogs at FRCBlog.

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1 Response

  1. June says:

    The Web site was not related to the Arabic TV network based in the Middle East – spelled al-Jazeera, no h.

    The goal of al-Jazeerah, according to its Web site, is to “promote cross-cultural understanding between people all over the world.” It’s based in Dalton, Ga., not Qatar.

    “Rick Santorum has reached a new low in gutter politics by trying to ridiculously link Bob Casey to terrorists,” Casey spokesman Larry Smar said.