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Charmaine will be in New Hampshire tomorrow, Friday the 6th to give a talk to strengthen the conservative, pro-life movement.

See the Family Forum Flyer,

Learn how to recapture Traditional American


WHAT: A grassroots training seminar designed to educate and equip citizens to promote traditional family values in your community. Learn practical how-tos for effective communication and creating and managing your message to be persuasive in the public debate!

WHERE: Thomas More College

Merrimack, NH

Charmaine will be speaking on the power of words to frame a debate. She noticed that Your Business Blogger(R) has a line drawing of the HMS Victory over his desk; a profile of the body of the ship that Lord Nelson made famous in the sea battle at Trafalgar against the French; against Napoleon. The English won, as usual.

VICTORY. There is no ship in the Royal Navy named “Success.” And this is where President Bush gets the Global War on Terror wrong: Men don’t die in combat for “Success in Iraq.” They will sacrifice and die for “Victory.”

We don’t have “Success in Jesus.” We have Victory.

The wordsmith knows the difference. (And the Christian…)

Charmaine will also speak on Bimbos. If you are anywhere in the Northeast, go visit and sey hey to Charmaine.


Thank you (foot)notes:

“Bimbos” as we are using it, is the intellectual property of Merrie Spaeth. Another brilliant women who knows the power of words. And like Charmaine, she worked for Ronald Reagan, of course.

Spaeth reminds professionals and public speakers to always recite the positive and to never repeat the negative accusation — usually advanced by a commie reporter. Public affairs should only be handled by professionals.

When I say ‘public affairs’ I am not speaking of Bill Clinton’s weaknesses…

See Indra Nooyi: $5 Million Gets You Bimbos . . . and Boycotts. . .

Most Americans think the country is on the wrong track. Representatives like Heather Wilson may have been a part of the deterioration of the GOP branding and why citizens are dismayed: Republicans are not behaving like Conservatives. Wilson she wanted women in combat. She advanced abortion. This is not a conservative. Wilson just lost her primary race. Thank goodness.

Watch Charmaine’s debate with Heather Wilson(R) from New Mexico a few years ago on women in combat. Ignore the Army women exposing their breasts.

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COST: $20 for the seminar

Optional box lunch $10

Make your reservations TODAY!

Space is limited

Phone: (603) 228-4794

Email at



Connie Mackey, Sr. VP, FRCAction

Lila Rose, investigative reporter who recently exposed Planned Parenthood’s racism

Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] VP of Communications, Family Research Council

Rob Arnakis, The Leadership Institute

With a special guest panel of Family Policy Council Executive Directors Kris Mineau (MA); Michael Heath (ME); and Karen Testerman (NH)


Family Research Council, FRCAction, The Leadership Institute, NH’s Cornerstone Policy Research

and NH Federation of Republican Women

*An optional media training session will follow.

From Spaeth Communications,

The 2007 Winning BIMBO’s were:

From then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about his role in firing eight U.S. Attorneys:

“I have nothing to hide,” “It certainly was not in any way an attempt to mislead the American people,” “Nothing improper occurred,” and “I never sought to mislead or deceive the Congress or the American people about my role in this matter.”, “Gonzales: ‘I have nothing to hide,’” April 15, 2007

USA Today, “Attorney general says he misspoke,” April 16, 2007, “Va. Tech tragedy delays Gonzales testimony,” April 16, 2007

The Dallas Morning News, “Why firings’ possible links to corruption cases touched a nerve,” April 17, 2007, from the May 2007 Bimbo Memo

From former White House aide Monica Goodling, who moved to the Department of Justice and was involved in the U.S. Attorneys’ firing.

“I don’t believe I intended to commit a crime.”, “Ex-Justice aide: Official wasn’t ‘fully candid,’ May 23, 2007, from the June 2007 Bimbo Memo

From former Press Secretary Tony Snow, “This is not hanging Paul Wolfowitz out to dry.”

AP, “Wolfowitz fights pressure to quit World Bank,” May 9, 2007, from the June 2007 Bimbo Memo


James Ecker, attorney for a funeral home, which stashed the corpses of 19 stillborn infants instead of burying or cremating them.

“He didn’t abuse the corpse. He didn’t stab the corpse. The fetuses were given to him by the hospital to get rid of. As far as their parents were concerned, their children were already gone.”

Fox, “Ex-funeral director pleads guilty to theft after 19 babies found in garbage,”

July 10, 2007, from the August 2007 Bimbo Memo


Texas A&M University’s football Coach Dennis Franchione was caught sending a weekly e-mail to boosters who paid $1,200 a year to a company that maintains his personal website.

“There was no intent to deceive anyone.”

The Dallas Morning News, “Franchione sold A&M secrets to donors,” Sept. 29, 2007, from the November 2007 Bimbo Memo

Terry “The Tank” Johnson on being signed by the Cowboys after being released by Chicago following arrests involving weapons.

“I was never involved in violence. I never harmed anyone. I never was out-of-control. I’m not a gun toting thug.”

The Dallas Morning News, “Getting Tank back on track,” Oct. 2, 2007, November 2007 Bimbo Memo


Isaiah Washington, former co-star of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I did not call T.R. a faggot.”

(He was even caught on tape. As a reminder, today everyone has a cell phone or video camera.)

AP, “Apology aimed at healing ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’” Jan. 19, 2007, from the February 2007 Bimbo Memo


Spaeth Communications noted an experiment by University of Michigan social psychologist Norbert Schwarz, who tested what volunteers remembered from a flyer from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The flyer tried to correct myths about the flu vaccine, such as “only older people need flu vaccine.” Contrary to what he and the CDC expected, instead of retaining the new, correct information, most of the volunteers recalled only the incorrect myths. In other words, repeating and denying the myths only pounded them into readers’ minds.

In addition, during the past year, Peter Kim, an organizational psychologist at the University of Southern California, published a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology finding that if accusations are met with silence, they are more likely to be regarded as true.


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