Media Alert: Charmaine vs NOW on MSNBC


Charmaine_n_wh_faceoff_080904.thumb.jpg Charmaine debated Kim Gandy from the National Organization for Women (NOW) on MSNBC on September 4th.

Charmaine was on site at the GOP convention in St. Paul.

Key points:

Charmaine, Energy — gas prices — is a women’s issue

Charmaine, Todd Palin has been “air brushed out of the picture”

Kim Gandy, “Republicans have discovered sexism…”

Watch the video clip and please comment to let us know what you think!


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8 Responses

  1. John says:

    you looked great! did they have a make up girl there?

  2. Joe Freedom says:

    Please get some help. Right wing jerks like you need to keep it to yourself. empathy is a word you should look up, I know the words won’t mean anything to you but you could try. I hope you find compassion for others someday and use what is left of your wasted life to accomplish something wothwhile.

  3. PCC says:

    We’ve been TIVOing your media appearances to watch when Jay gets home. Fantastic job. And how cool is it that you and Sarah have 5 children and stand up guys in common?

    Love the AUL alerts and emails I’m seeing in my inbox regularly. The pro-life issue is back on the table!

    You go, girl!!!

  4. Walter Hayes says:

    Charmaine did a great job in an irritating debate against robotic talking points.

    Twice Charmaine specifically discussed how a majority of moderate to conservative Democrat women who supported Hillary Clinton are leaning towards voting for McCain/Palin, and twice the discussion was mechanically changed to Dems in general and attacks on President Bush.

    I’m glad the GOP support of parental notification was brought up, though I’m not sure that listeners understood that the Dems have to oppose this because of pressure from NOW and how the Dem platform is created directly by groups like NOW, ACLU, Union Bosses, Trial Lawyers, and Black Nationalists, while the GOP party is more individualistic.

    I don’t think the average voter understands that overturning Roe vs. Wade will NOT criminalize abortion. Instead the laws of each individual state would prevail for that state. Therefore Viginia and Maryland might have different laws on issues like parental notification and partial birth abortions. AND these laws would be voted on by representatives elected by state voters A MAJORITY OF WHOM ARE WOMEN!

    Personally, I think it is unlikely that a Roberts court would overturn Roe vs. Wade and instead would rule on specific parts of the law, hopefully allowing states more leeway to craft laws which is what should have been done in the beginning.

    Also the Dems just changed President Clintons plank calling for abortion to be safe, legal and rare by eliminating the word RARE!

    Regular folks would generally interpret that change as meaning liberals want to increase the number of abortions IF THEY KNEW ABOUT IT!

    I’m glad feminist attacks on Sarah Palin was mentioned. How in the world can feminists call their group the National Organization of Women when they cruelly attack a wonderful mother like Sarah Palin? How hypocritical is it for feminists to front for guys in these hateful attacks purposely meant to attack Sarah Palin as a women?

  5. Ruth says:

    ..Thanks Jack..keep me informed… Charmaine I did watch your debate with Kim Gandy!

    Charmaine…You did a outstanding job in the little time you had. Looked great too!! Kim really had nothing to say! Just went back and talked on and on the same old line… …They have repeated their own propaganda so long they really believe conservative women are dumb and mean spirited.

    Charmaine, i am not as brilliant as you are, but i do have a little of the same kind of ability to debate so it is fascinating for me to watch you. I like the title of your BLOG. there are indeed valid “reasons’ to believe…We accept Christ by faith but it is not a blind faith…etc

  6. Teri Emerson says:

    Go Charmaine! Go Sarah! Let’s face it, you have to get up pretty early to go against the likes of NOW’s Gandy… Charmaine, you got up plenty early, called her bluff and stood your ground. As a registered voting American citizen, Mrs. Yoest and Palin speak for women like me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I praise your courage and fire!

  7. Jack Yoest says:

    Walter, very good points. Charmaine uses parental notification and partial birth abortion — or in Obama’s case, 4th trimester abortions — because the 80 + percent of the public wants parents to know if a teenaged daughter is getting an abortion and no one NO ONE is in favor of abortion when the baby is being delivered.

    Charmaine is a pro in finding this common ground to destroy these abortionists.



  8. Deanna says:

    Kirsten (Dem. commentator) just made some amazing statements criticizing NOW as not advancing the interests of women, but only holding their narrow interests.

    It was amazing.