Sarah Palin, the Next Margaret Thatcher


AK meets UK

margaret_thatcher.jpg A few years ago Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine enjoyed a reception for Lady Thatcher hosted by Concerned Women for America in Your Nation’s Capital.

Margaret Thatcher electrified the room. Just as Sarah Palin does now.

Conservative women know how to sell.

Many comparisons have been made between Margaret Thatcher, and the conservative VP nominee Palin. Margaret Thatcher tells all in her autobiography The Path to Power.

In the mid-seventies Thatcher gave a speech that, “had two main purposes. First, it was to contain a conclusive indictment of not just Labor policies or even the Labor government, but rather the whole socialist approach which was the destruction of freedom.

Secondly, I would use it to spell out a Conservative [capitalized in original] vision that did not merely employ phrases like ‘the free market’ and ‘personal independence’ for form’s sake, but took them seriously as the foundation of future policy.

Reading it through almost twenty years later, there is nothing substantial that I would change — least of all the section about my personal creed and convictions.”

Thatcher continues,

Let me give you my vision:

a man’s right to work as he will,

to spend what he earns,

to own property,

to have the state as servant and not as master — these are the British inheritance…

We must get private enterprise back on the road to recovery — not merely to give people more of their own money to spend as they choose, but to have more money to help the old and sick and the handicapped…

I believe that, just as each of us has an obligation to make the best of his talents, so governments have an obligation to create the framework within which we can do so…

Truth is timeless. Thatcher’s policies and leadership saved the United Kingdom.

sarah_palin_pubshot.jpgMcCain Palin policies and leadership will save the United States.

Thatcher and Palin both share the same world view; both believe in limited government, low taxes, individual responsibility, individual freedom.

Sarah Palin

Obama would increase the size of government and let us keep less of our money and wants to control more of our money. As Grover Norquist reminds us, the freedom of citizens can be measured by the freedom to control their own money.

McCain wants tax cuts to give more freedom to citizens. Obama wants to increase taxes and take freedom of choice from citizens.


Thank you (foot)notes,

Margaret Thatcher’s honorarium back in the day was 60K US$. She was worth every penny. The woman knows how to control money.

Thatcher would tell election groups in England, as Palin would later in Alaska, “In politics, if you want something said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman.”sarah_palin_pubshot.jpgsarah_palin_pubshot.jpgsarah_palin_pubshot.jpg


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2 Responses

  1. Wes says:

    Bill Clinton thinks Palin is hot.

    Do you thinks he will vote for her?

  2. Jack Yoest says:

    I think that a Hillary v Palin match up in 8 years would be a terrific election — a terrific choice.

    An Alert Reader from the GOP HQ sends this along to remind us of the stark differences between the Democrats and the Republicans:

    “A half century ago, Russian-born writer Ayn Rand warned about the creeping socialism she saw in America even then. In her thousand-page tome, “Atlas Shrugged,” Rand told the story of John Galt, a shadowy figure who is so fed up with high taxes, burdensome regulations and interference from government, he secretly recruits the best and brightest of American capitalism – the captains of industry – to withdraw from society to the mountains of Colorado, leaving the growing welfare state without any visible means of support.”

    Your Business Blogger(R) has a number of students from the former Soviet Union and they are all small government capitalists. “A small government,” said one student, “is less likely to kill you…”