Media Appearance: What Does Sarah Palin Mean for the Pro-Life Movement? Charmaine Discusses


charmaine_radio_diva_baby_mike.gifCharmaine participated in a panel discussion on the Palin phenomenon. The Harbour League sends us the audio clip.

Listen Here.

The Harbour League has received numerous requests for the audio from our most recent conference call entitled “What Sarah Palin Means for Conservatives”.

Charmaine, Your Business Blogger(R), The Diva, circa 1997

We are therefore pleased to let you know that the audio can be found at

Presenters include:

Herb London, Hudson Institute President & THL Trustee, will take a look at Sarah Palin and her exposure to Foreign Policy.

Grover Norquist, American’s for Tax Reform President & THL Trustee, will give an overview what Gov. Palin offers to conservatives and why all the concern from the left.

Mark Hyman, Syndicated TV Commentator & THL Trustee, will discuss the media’s attention to Sarah Palin.

Allison Kasic, Director of The R. Gaull Silberman Center for Collegiate Studies at Independent Women’s Forum, will address what the nomination of Gov. Palin means to conservative women.

Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life President, will discuss what Sarah Palin means and would as Vice President mean to the pro-life movement.

Rarely do Vice-Presidential candidates get the attention that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is currently receiving. No other vice presidential candidate in modern history has excited their base and caused such concern and scrutiny into leadership experience, foreign policy and national security qualifications, and family values by the other party as has Sarah Palin.

Please take the time to listen to and forward on this important Harbour League conference call to discussing what Governor Sarah Palin means to the Conservative movement.

Please Note: The Harbour League is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. This call is not intended to be an endorsement or in support of any candidate.


The Harbour League

Listen to the audio clip here.


Media Alert: Your Business Blogger(R) was interviewed for The Washington Post on management, bad bosses and sub-par employees. Should run this Sunday, Sept 28th.


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