Media Alert: Charmaine On Google Ads and Abortion; Christian Institute U.K.


In media interviews, is it harder to be the host or the talent — the guest? Charmaine has had both duties on both sides of the microphone.

Alert Readers will recall that Charmaine’s first interviewer gig was substitute-guest hosting for Blanquita Cullum, BQ in the Richmond radio market. (“Talk Show Host” has now become an invective used by the liberals…who can’t get an audience.)

Charmaine tells Your Business Blogger(R) that being the host was the harder job. “You’ve got to know the content, the guests, and the hardest for me: the technology and timing.” To break in on a speaking guest for a commercial break.

She is having a conversation with Mike Judge from the Christian Institute U.K. in May of this year. Mike attempted to place pro-life ads on Google and was denied. Google took ads from pro-abortion groups but not pro-lifers.

Also see Charmaine’s old FRC office (with Ronald Reagan’s picture in the background). She is now the president and CEO of Americans United for Life.

The case was resolved in September 2008, Google settles abortion ad case

Free Speech exists in Britain for now, less so here.

Camera work and production by Kevin McCullough MuscleHead Revolution.


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