We Won't Be Getting Any of These For A While


Bush_White_House_reception_invitation003.jpg Artwork by

Bagram Ibatoulline


The White House invitation arrived in a hand addressed envelope on heavy parchment. With a First Class stamp.

A first class act.


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4 Responses

  1. rjohnandmore says:

    ….from a 5th rate President

  2. I can’t even imagine what an honor this must be for you! Truly, your efforts in Washington have been blessed with such an invitation as this.

    One positive thought in regards to a future “empty” mailbox…

    Just think of all the $ you’ll save on outfitting yourself for the event. I’m just saying…

    peace~elaine killian olsen

  3. Charmaine Yoest says:

    Dear rjohnandmore,

    History might be more kind to Bush than what the polling numbers show today. We have not been attacked on our soil in some 2800 days.

    You think Obama will do better? You think Barack Hussein Obama will protect us from the Muslim jihadists?

    On second though, maybe the terrorists don’t have to bomb us — Bill Ayers might do it for them, me thinks.

    Wait-a-minute: Ayers has already bombed us! (You are not one of them, are you…?)

    Or perhaps the jihadists will not attack at all? Maybe the terrorists (foreign and domestic) think they’ll have a friend in the White House in January? Is that possible rjohnandmore?



  4. Charmaine Yoest says:

    Elaine, uh boy. I guess the post was a bit self serving…

    Anyway, I do own my tux and I refuse to buy Charmaine new clothes, with the coming Obama Depression and all.

    So formal events like this would not have cost anything —

    In a Conservative administration.

    We cannot begin to count the cost in the coming ObamaNation.

    Thanks for commenting,