Media Alert: Charmaine Quoted by Reuters; Americans United for Life & FOCA


ANALYSIS-Activists hope Obama acts on abortion rights By Ed Stoddard,

DALLAS, Nov 23 (Reuters) – Abortion rights activists, an important component of the Democratic Party’s base, expect to advance their agenda under U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, signaling fresh battles over the highly charged issue.

Changes could take place in areas from judicial appointments to overseas aid. Obama strongly supports abortion rights, in stark contrast to President George W. Bush, a social conservative who often talked of a “culture of life” — code for opposition to abortion.

Obama supports his Party of Death. Bush supports the “Culture of Life.” In policy as well as “code word.”

Reuters continues,

On the policy front, activists and analysts say an early skirmish could come over federal funding for nongovernmental organizations that offer abortion operations or counseling in family planning services abroad.

“Family planning services” are “code words” for abortion on demand through all nine months and beyond — if the infant is born alive.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told Reuters in interviews that rolling back the rule was among their top political priorities.

Abortion rights opponents, many of whom on religious grounds regard the procedure as murder, see any move on that front as the next shot in the abortion wars.

“To reintroduce funding for it internationally is very offensive because there are even people who describe themselves as pro-choice, but don’t want to be involved in public funding for it,” said Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] president of Americans United for Life Action, which opposes abortion rights.

Ed Stoddard notes in that,

Join Fight FOCA

“FOCA has been like a red flag to social conservatives who say it will sweep aside most restrictions on abortion rights, such as parental notification laws and the Partial-Birth Abortion Act that bans a certain late-term procedure.

Americans United for Life Action said that as of Friday, it had more than 230,000 signatures on an anti-FOCA petition on its website — virtually all since the election.”

There are some 260,000 signers now. Please add your name to the good-guys today!


Thank you (foot)notes:

When Charmaine worked in the West Wing of the Ronald Reagan White House, one of the first things she was taught was that Personnel is Policy.

Obama, a good politico, knows this. MIKE ALLEN from Politico reports in Labor ally to head Obama communications,

Ellen Moran, executive director of EMILY’s List, was named White House communications director by President-elect Obama on Saturday.

Moran, a well-known grassroots organizer, has also managed statewide Democratic campaigns and managed the Wal-Mart corporate accountability campaign for the AFL-CIO.

Morgan is a pro-abortionist and hates Wal-Mart. She will be the face and voice of Obama’s administration. Expect little compromise from ObamAbortionists.

Jon at Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia has Fight FOCA.

A Culture 11 pro, Jillian Bandes, has Freedom of Choice Act Roundup at LadyBlog.

Be sure to check out This Post in this post from David Brooks,

FOCA is the Freedom of Choice Act; an Act that would sweep away all restrictions on abortions, all parental notification laws, all rights of hospitals and doctors to not perform abortions.

It is the duty of every Christian to resist the enactment of this brutal, vile piece of legislation.

Semper Vita is the Family Life Blog in New Zealand.

Michelle (not Obama) writes, Urgent… please read,

Hello! I am sending this out to everyone…about the FOCA bill …President Elect Obama has as one of his first bills to pass. Below are some of the stats taken off of the web site. I encourage everyone to sign. Thanks for reading!

Capitol Hill “Daily Brief” has FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT,

The nation’s premier pro-life legal organization has launched a new project aimed at stopping passage of the most radical pro-abortion legislation in the nation’s history. With the full support of President- elect Barack Obama, congressional Democrats are poised to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a law that will make abortion a “fundamental right” much the same as the right to vote and the right to free speech. By doing so, this new federal law would automatically invalidate every federal, state and local law placing even the most common sense restrictions on abortion.

And more.


Clarke Forsythe, senior counsel for Americans United for Life believes the election was about the economy and, in no way, a repudiation of pro-life principles.

“It is very difficult to keep pro-life and other issues of justice at the center of public life in the midst of war and economic crisis,” he told Zenit News Service.

“William Wilberforce’s campaign against the slave trade in Great Britain during the 1790s — which was derailed by the French Revolution, war with France, economic crises and terrible harvests — is a good example. But Wilberforce (and his allies) persevered and things turned around over considerable time”

Read The Reads in Rockwall.


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