Race For RNC Chairman; Charmaine in USNews & World Report


charmaine_baby_boo_yoest_rnc_gop_chairman_debate_jan_2008.jpgThe other day Bill O’Reilly, on the FOX No Spin Zone, asked a guest,

Who’s the Chairman of the Republican National Committee?

He was wondering about the leadership of the GOP.

It was not a rhetorical question.

Baby Boo & Charmaine at the RNC debate

His guest didn’t know.

O’Reilly didn’t know.

O’Reilly answered his own question with his not-knowing.

The GOP has some leadership challenges.

And changes might be a-coming.


Join Fight FOCA

Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) and Baby Boo wanted to know about the future of the conservative movement and the future of the GOP.

So we headed over to the Press Club in Your Nation’s Capital to hear each of the candidates interview for the RNC Chairman job. Hosted by Grover Norquist at Americans for Tax Reform.

90 minutes and only one word from each of the candidates on the Life issue.

One question.

One word.

Grover Norquist asked, “Are you Pro-Life?”

They each replied, “Yes.”

That was it. One word on Life. The biggest issue of our generation. The GOP has a Pro-Life plank. The Democrats and Obama represent the party of death.

Some 26 percent of the Jesus Followers followed Obama. And none of the RNC candidates talked about it. And how to persuade Life-Lovers to vote again with the Life Party.

We needed to hear more about what the new guy would do to Fight FOCA. And defend Life.

Dan Gilgoff at USNews & World Report though this was odd also and quoted Charmaine all a-Twitter, Would-Be Republican Party Chairmen Quiet on Faith at Candidate’s Forum. Charmaine observed,

“It’s nice that all the GOP candidates said ‘yes’ they are ‘pro-life.’ But there is slightly more to it than that.”

The Republican party is the party of limited government, low taxes, strong defense, pro-life and pro-marriage. But we heard precious little of how conservative values differ from Obama and the Party of Abortion.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Visit Value Voters News, FightFoca campaign’s first call to action is a success….

We appreciate Visionary Womanhood with As We Prepare for an Obama Administration . . .


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2 Responses

  1. NM says:

    I watched it on CSPAN last night and was happy to finally get a chance to see what Mike Duncan looks like. Smile.

    Who are you guys supporting? Other than Duncan and one other, it was a pretty impressive group.

  2. Walter Hayes says:

    Grover Norquist for RNC chair? Grover did a great job hosting.

    There were a number of strong challengers running against the incumbent Mike Duncan, which usually means that the anti vote is split and the incumbent survives.

    I’m supporting Mike Steele.

    It was interesting to hear the discussion about getting the message out.

    First we have shamefully abandoned our core principles to seek favor and reelection.

    Second, the GOP as a party, really doesn’t support getting the message out.

    We pick more McClellans and Gergens than Tony Snows, and we have foolishly forgotten President Reagan and his ability to communicate his core values.