Wake for Father Richard John Neuhaus


dreamer_in_fur_94_Christmas.pngThe train was delayed and we all moaned and complained. Until we learned the train ahead of us killed a man.

Life can come at you fast.

The fur’s in the center, The Dreamer, center right, in her first fur coat.


Your Business Blogger(R) rushed from his Business Class to Union Station to join Charmaine, the Princess Bride and we Amtraked business class to New York City to celebrate the life of Father Neuhaus.

Jody Bottum, a scribe at First Things spoke from the pulpit about the pro-life activism of Father Neuhaus. “We will someday overturn Roe v Wade…” generating an enthusiastic response in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on 14th Street. (About the only clapping we’ve ever heard inside a House of God — outside a Pentecostal Church.)

Jody said to us later that abortion was an easy applause line in the Catholic Church.

Just like opposlng slavery used to be.


The church was standing-room-only on a frigid 26 degree night. (Global warming, it seems, has skipped a season.)

Alert Readers know that I have permission from Charmaine to approach strange women and compliment them. If they are a wearing fur coat.

A woman in fur.

In the church during the Neuhaus Wake a number of gorgeous women — beauty is as beauty does — were wearing fur coats, this being January with sub-freezing, non-global warming weather.

I complimented the women on their wearing fur coats. “Thank you,” they each would say. “And it’s warm.” Practical New Yorkers. Catholics in fur.

(The Catholic Church is the largest provider of healthcare in NYC to people…with Aids. And liberals call Catholics bigots. Because Catholics wear fur, I guess.)

No PETA people threw blood on the women in fur. Didn’t have to.

The women were already washed in The Blood.


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