MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine On FOX: Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Charmaine_Yoest_CSPAN_cropped.pngWhen does life begin? Obama wasn’t sure, but the science is settled.

Life begins at conception.

Charmaine on an earlier appearance on C-SPAN

From an article by William L. Saunders, Jr., graduate of Harvard Law School, in the Fordham Urban Law Journal,

Lethal Experimentation on Human Beings: Roe‘s Effect on Bioethics,

There is no mystery about when human life begins. It is only within the political and ideological context that this matter is contested…

When the matter is not being debated in a courtroom or on the floor of the Congress, when it is left for scientific analysis, the resolution is clear.

Human life begins, in the normal, ordinary case, at “conception,” that is to say, at fertilization…

See, e.g., C.R. Austin, Fertilization, in Germ Cells and Fertilization 103, 103 (C.R. Austin & Short eds., 1972).

Charmaine is scheduled to debate against Embryonic Stem Cell Research and for Adult Stem Cell Research on Fox and Friends on Sunday morning the 8th.

Note this is not the Sunday morning Fox with Chris Wallace.

Hit time estimate is 8am eastern.

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