Charmaine Quoted in US News & World Report; Which Stem Cell Research is “Shovel Ready”?


Charmaine was interviewed by Dan Gilgoff for USN&WR on the morality of embryonic stem cell research.

Charmaine used the Octo-Mom as a current events hook. (See Charmaine on Huckabee The Video.)

Dan Gilgoff writes in God & Country, Octo-Mom as a Poster Girl for Opponents of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Do conservative Christians opposed to using excess embryos from IVF clinics for stem cell research really want to be citing the octo-mom as a poster girl for their cause? With 14 children and no husband, Nadya Suleman hardly appears to have created the healthful home life that the pro-family movement advocates…

No, Dan, the Octo-Mom is not a poster girl…

He missed the point. (Alert the Media! Main Stream Media Misses Argument!)

However, Dan Gilgoff did publish Charmaine’s rebuttal, Americans United for Life President Rebuts Octo-Mom as Poster Girl Charge.


Jill Stanek is on point and more pointed as always. She writes, US News & World Report’s ludicrous claim: Octomom is Yoest/Stanek’s “poster girl”

Dan Gilgoff of US News & World Report wrote an insulting piece today, “Octo-Mom as a poster girl for opponents of embryonic stem cell research,” a typical example of MSM spinning a story to fit the liberal agenda.

More from Americans United for Life on embryonic stem cell reseach in Human Events,

[T]he National Institutes of Health spent nearly $1 billion tax dollars on stem cell research in FY 2008. Adult stem cell research received more funding because it was better science and was actually helping patients — clinical trials are very expensive. If Obama were truly looking for “shovel ready” research projects able to produce real results, embryonic stem cell research would not make the list.

If the justification for such research is the hope of developing successful therapies, only adult stem cells have a demonstrated track record of success.

Obama has been disingenuous in claiming that he is freeing up monies for such research for the first time. Stem cell research — publicly and privately funded — has been going on for more than a decade.

But what is often lost in all of the reports about stem cell research is the critical difference — both in terms of real results and ethical controversy — between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.

See the Southern Political Report.

Blogger JONATHAN TURLEY, Res ipsa loquitur (“The thing itself speaks”) is a smart guy… usually. But not so funny. Humor is hard work, best left to professionals like Rush Limbaugh, or anyone who is not a lawyer. Read Turley — Look, Honey, He Has Your Ectoderm! Georgia Legislators Pass Law Allowing Adoption of Embryos, Constitutional Law , Politics , Religion , Society — with this knee-slapper,

This week, the Georgia state House of Representatives voted 96-66 to adopt a bill allowing for people to legally adopt as parents embryos that can be implanted in in vitro fertilization procedures. The legislation is defended by Clarke Forsythe, senior counsel of Americans United for Life, as responsive to “the need to humanize the embryonic human at a time when at the federal level embryonic stem cell research is being promoted.”

There has been an effort to recognize embryos as separate living beings as part of a pro-life agenda. Colorado recently moved to declare fertilized eggs as people.

It is not clear what one gets for a newly adoptive couple of a frozen embryo. Travel coolers and hot ice are possible options.

Visit Inspire, for a perspective from China.

See Georgia House Passes HB 388: Nation’s First Embryo Adoption Bill.

Want a “Perfect Baby”? You’re Gonna Have To Make It The Old-Fashioned Way.

Read Reflections of a Paralytic, All Life Is Sacred, Not So Fast, Art Caplan.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine Quoted in AP Video; Obama’s Human Experimentation on Embryonic Stem Cells


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