The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


baby_battle_campaign.gif Where might pro-choice and pro-life activists agree?

Answer: Supporting pregnant women — mothers — who are in a crisis pregnancy.


The difference, of course, is that pro-lifers run homes for these moms.

Planned Parenthood does not.

(There is no profit in running homes for women in need…)

This work is left to the saints who run crisis pregnancy centers. Like The Paul Stefan Foundation . This group has a terrific fund raising Mother’s Day gift.

Go Donate to support this life saving work. We did.

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PSF Kicks Off Mother’s Day Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign

Donate in your Mother’s Name and Send an E-Mother’s Day Card to your Mom letting her know you and she helped a pregnant woman in need.

Fredericksburg, VA – The Paul Stefan Foundation (PSF) today launched a virtual baby bottle campaign to raise money for homeless, abused and stranded pregnant women in need. The Foundation, which operates two homes for expectant mothers in central Virginia, takes in pregnant women and cares for them before, during and after their pregnancies. In just two years, the Foundation has taken in 36 women and babies.

“We have done a handful of baby bottle campaigns through churches, where you hand out baby bottles one week, people fill them with loose change, and bring them back a few weeks later. These have been tremendously successful in helping us raise the funds to care for and nurture these women and their babies. Now we are taking this baby bottle campaign to the Internet. Those folks contributing a minimum of $10 will be able to donate in their mother’s name and send Mom a Mother’s Day e-Card,” said Randy James, CEO of the Paul Stefan Foundation.

The Paul Stefan Foundation was the inspiration of a parish priest, Father Stefan Starzynski, who prayed for a mission associated with his parish, and the James family. The James’ unborn son was diagnosed with a birth defect of the lungs and died one hour after birth. Through the spiritual guidance and inspiration of Father Starzynski, their parish priest at the time, the James’ channeled their pain into forming and operating the Paul Stefan Homes for Expectant Mothers.

“Caring for and nurturing these women and their babies has been a tremendously moving experience. There are so many women out there, pregnant, and looking for a place to turn and find support, care and love. We also hope that this campaign helps to alert pregnant women in need that they can turn to us for help,” said Evelyn James, Director of PSF Homes.

For more information about the Paul Stefan Foundation and its Homes for Expectant Mother’s go to

Gregory R. Mueller

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2760 Eisenhower Ave, 4th Floor

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