Media Alert: Charmaine on FOX News; Article up on Human Events



Charmaine is scheduling to appear on FOX today — taped interview on the recent Gallup poll on 51 percent Pro-Life finding and probable Supreme Court nominees. Hit times will be tonight and possibly through out the day.

Also see her article in Human Events,

Obama’s Short List of Abortion Supporters, by Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] 05/18/2009

Americans are used to hearing nominees for the Supreme Court carefully hedge their answers to any question related to Roe v. Wade and abortion. This reflects a political reality in which any hint of sympathy toward defending unborn life in the law spells confirmation challenges for a potential nominee.

In contrast, this political reality does not exist for those committed to an abortion-rights ideology. A study Americans United for Life released this week examining the life-related views of President Obama’s rumored “short-list” for the Supreme Court documents demonstrated on-the-record evidence of the potential nominees’ pro-abortion opinions expressed consistently and without hesitation.


Read the entire article here.

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Also see America is Pro-Life.


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