Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions


Merry Christmas.


Politically Incorrect. At the Yoest house this morning we are getting reading for the health care vote — getting ready to watch government run amuck.

The Senators are advancing the health care bill that covers pre-existing conditions. This is not insurance.

Insurance is the management and calculating for risk. Covering and paying for pre-existing conditions is not insurance — it is charity. Once an adverse health condition is known there is no risk to manage and insurance companies do not need to be involved. The care of the currently sick is the job of health care providers and can be paid and provided for by philanthropy.

Not the insurance companies. Not the taxpayer.

To be precise, if ObamaCare demands to cover pre-existing conditions, then Pelosi-Reid should should remove insurance companies as middle man and force the taxpayers to fund the unfortunate, unwilling and unknowing directly. But.

But this would be charity. Such philanthropy is not the purpose of government. Charity is a test of the human heart — not government coercion. And worse:

The Senate will force taxpayers to pay for abortions through insurance companies — pre-existing or not.

The Senate has confused Health Insurance with Health Care.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Americans United for Life does not take a position on insurance or the insurance industry. AUL is a law firm concerned with protecting Life-at conception, abortion and rights of conscience. AUL and AUL Action opposes abortion and its public funding as written in the Senate’s current proposed legislation. The opinion here is from Jack Yoest and no other.

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