Jill Biden Teaching at the Northern Virginia Community College


Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) teaches at the Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria and Arlington. Jill Biden, The Second Lady, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Community College system and proves it two days a week.

By teaching English at the Alexandria campus.

Even if one disagrees with her politics, everyone agrees on one thing about Dr. Biden:

She is authentic.

Following is her interview on CBS.

(Sarah Palin never got a softball interview like this. Goodness, this is typical of interviews JOE Biden lounges through…)

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Article here, Jill Biden: Second Lady of the Land; Exclusive Interview With Wife of Vice President, Who Talks About Family, Career, and Advocating for Military Families


Thank you (foot)notes:

Botox, hair plugs, capped teeth. Why does the media love Joe Biden? Because he’s authentic too…

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