Business 100 Definitions Chapters 7 to 11


Alert Students, this is an open book assignment and collaboration is permitted — indeed, encouraged.

No class on Monday 22 Feb. Quiz is due Wednesday 24 Feb. Mid-term moved to 1 March.

Take Home Assignment Chapt 7 to 11.doc

Take Home Assignment/Quiz Name ____________

Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Two Points and Two Bonus points. Max 4 points

Open Book. In your own handwriting. Collaboration Permitted.


1. Organization Chart

2. Chain of Command

3. Span of Control

4. Departmentalization

5. Delegation

6. Responsibility

7. Authority

8. Intrapreneur

9. ad hoc committee

10. grapevine

11. operations management

12. R&D

13. product line

14. capacity

15.Gantt Chart

16. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

17. Six Sigma

18. ISO 9000

19. Productivity

20. Recruiting

21. profit sharing


23. morale

24.Scientific Management

25. Team

26.labor union

27.Right to Work State

28. Collective Bargaining


30. Mediation

Bonus Two Points- For a job interview: Provide an example from your experience where you faced a problem, initiated a solution and the result; a PSR.



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