New Year's Predictions; National Review


Charmaine has 2011 predictions up on National Review Online.

Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut or got modified.

Obama continues his domestic jobs killing programs. But an exuberant spokesman for the newly formed National Association of Abortion Providers International for Excellence (NAAPIE), reports, “Since the passage of TeleMed Legislation, all abortions are now performed in China and India, at a much lower cost with only a minimum increase in complications.”


In unrelated legislation, Obama announces On-Demand Sex Selection Abortion at the birthday party of Planned Parenthood’s leader, Cecile Richards. “I know what it’s like to have a choice and a burden,” the president said to the gathered feminists. “I wouldn’t want to punish any family with two girls.”


Union Representative of Abortion Providers Local 88, expressed dismay at the outsourcing of American jobs. “First the ChiComs loan us the money for abortions at high interest and now we pay them to do abortions we could do right here in any storefront.” The Union Rep complains, “They are making a killing!”


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