Athletes, Looking For A Job? Free Seminar


On Monday 7 February 2011, 7 to 8 pm at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, Your Business Professor will be leading a short seminar,

From the Stadium to the Office, Applying the Skills Learned in Sports to Success in the Working World.

Please email me if you are interested in attending, to hold a spot and to get directions. Seating is limited.

Here are the talking points,

Who here tonight plays what sport?

My dad walked through the front door waving a newspaper.

we learn from our defeats

Transferable skills

Track record (sports metaphor)

Ed Rollins won 164 fights lost two.

We remember and learn from our pain

Spirit Duty Maturity

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender, Vince Lombardi

Philosopher Michael Novak speaks of this experience and of the non-experience of the non-athlete, “[The anti-athletes] seem not to live gracefully with defeat, humiliation, or complicity in weakness…They pretend more. They have been defeated less.”

How does this sports pain bring us profit in business, indeed in life?


clock, stripped field, running lane, edge of the mat–finish line

never lost a game but ran out of time — Vince Lombardi

on time on budget

Clock on the score board on the field

clocked and compared

times and talent are measured

We are not equal to each other

Time ends

impending event NFL



x’s and o’s on a chalk talk easy translate to labels and boxes in an org chart

Bum Philips Oilers

There are two kinds of player that aren’t worth a [darn]

The ones who never do anything they are told, and

The ones who never do anything except what they are told


All managers do the same things

All manager work to make human strengths productive

All managers work to make human weakness irrelevant

sub coach for manager

Maximize strengths and minimize weakness

Army discipline

prompt obedience


boss has two fears

you won’t do exactly what I tell you to do

you will do exactly what I tell you to do


What is the number one reason people get fired?

job competence or people skills

Pull in same direction


tradition rowing 8

unit cohesion

size and time


ergnometer times

simple to complicated.

Hannah, let us call her

not six foot 5’7″ one of the best erg times in the world but she’s short.

Coach assembles team

seat race — Hannah always wins


Thank you (foot)notes,

Hannah Ruth Yoest, Student Athlete Curriculum Vita

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