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Simple Basics in Baseball Pitching

The basics. It is always the simple stuff. And that’s what Dr. Samuel Johnson was saying where we don’t need to be taught as much as being reminded. Charmaine and Your Business Professor shared...


Mind Gym; Selected Quotes

Must Read Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence, by Gary Mack with David Casstevens, Forward by Alex Rodriguez, published by McGraw-Hill in 2001, Selected Quotes Begins with pull quotes, Ninety percent of...


Bending an Oar

“There are two things in life you can’t have enough of: love, and bend on the oar.” Olympian Kady Glessner quoting crew coach Dave O’Neill Hannah Yoest bending her oar in stroke ### Be...


Helena Gilbert Yoest, Student Athlete
Curriculum Vita

Personal: hight: Coach Eric Underhill, Potomac Boat Club, Washington, DC SAT: 1920, March 2014, writing 640, math 630, reading 650. Rowing Accomplishments 2K, 7:42, Yorktown High School, April 2013. 2014 MidAtlantic Erg Sprints, Finished...


The Joy of Sports, By Michael Novak Selected Quotes

The Joy of Sports; End Zones, Bases, Baskets, Balls, and the Consecration of the American Spirit, By Michael Novak, was published in 1976 by Basic Books, Inc.. Michael Novak “A journalist snapped:…”How could an...