Best Videos, Professor Yoest, The Catholic University of America


Headline, visual Kohler Ad



CUA promo video/music

“You never really play at 100%, no matter what”

“How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do… how do we inspire everyone around us?”

“I sometimes think it is by using the work of others”
“Just words, but they helped me to stand when all I wanted was to lay down”

“In order to build our nation, we must all exceed our own expectation”

How is power defined?  #GOT  Game of Thrones explains,


Don’t Drink and Drive Budweiser Ad



J&J Tylenol murders and crisis management

How to deliver bad news:


Idi Amin, The Art of Persuasion


Slide deck from the Afghan Theater

The final slide:

Ad from Argentina 

Watch “Charmaine Yoest” on Vimeo:

Group Think

Packaging in Marketing


Power Leadership types


Deep Space 9 and Completed Staff Work:

Favorite instructional videos for this sight and sound generation:

Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

Envy vs Jealous as revealed by Homer (Simpson)

Fewer less amount number

Even marketers get this wrong:

Your Business Professor likes Times New Roman, 12 point type. Just like the State Dept. and Parks and Rec

This is more than product placement; P&G tells a story about moms as product decision makers who are crazy about their kids.

Amy Cuddy, Harvard, Your Body Language shapes who you are, 25 million YouTube hits:

1984 Apple and Ben & Jerry’s Stoner Spoof

Elmer Wheeler; sales training


Glengarry Glen Ross motivational speech by Alec Baldwin.  Al Pacino only took $1.5 mi not his normal 6 mil fee; Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris; 1992, David Mamet writer


Apple 1984 ad:


The Apply “Why”

Google, The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, As if you were never here:


Two Sides of Advertising, Very Good and Very Bad


Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday

Poseidon Survivors “going the wrong way”

John Adams, I must control events, or events will control me


Business Lie vs Life Lie

Martian Child, John Cusack management as baseball

Best Crew Video, team work and coaching

Idi Amin, The Art of Persuasion




Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

John Kennedy, We Choose to go to the Moon

How to run a meeting, Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School

King Henry V, Band of Brothers, Battle of Agincourt, Shakespeare

Patton, Welcome speech

Malcome Gladwell, Market Segmentation and What Makes People Happy

Seth Godwin, Tribes, Market Segmentation, I got friends

Paul Bennett finds design in the details, get the basics right–first

Dan Pink on Motivation: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose (AMP)

Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday, Motivation, “Inch by Inch”

Group Think-ers, going the wrong way?

An ounce of Appearance is worth a pound of performance. Stolen idea at FedEx

Business Myth: The Customer is always right.


The Customer must always be Happy.

Attention to Detail “The Brown M & M’s” from Van Hallen
US Army — Shined shoes; Tom Peters (!) — clean tray tables

How to create a Gantt Chart in Excel

News report and the ad




Science of Persuasion

Simon Senek addresses the question, “Why?” Senek says, “I try to find, celebrate and teach leaders how to build platforms that will inspire others. ”

Ted Kennedy was asked by Roger Mudd, CBS reporter, “Why do you want to be president?”


CupCake Wars Sweet Lobby

video series on the roots of bad business writing
part 1
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:

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