Resume Grading Rubric
The Catholic University of America


Resume and Cover Letter Grading Rubric, 100 Points

Process, 25 points Did the student follow the rules?

1) On-time; 15 points

2) Followed Directions; 10 points

 Appearance, 25 points Does the resume conform to the buying habits of the interviewer?

1) Correct Grammar; 10 points

2) 12-point type, Times New Roman; 5 points

3) Appropriate margins, Paper w/ watermark, correctly positioned; 5 points

4) Cover letter traveled safely with resume; 5 points

Content, 50 points

Resume, 10 points

  1. One page; 5 points
  2. Formatted for easy reading; 3 points
  3. No gaps in employment or higher education activities; 2 points

Cover Letter to Resume, 25 points

  1. One page; 2 points
  2. Explains “why” candidate is motivated; 10 points
  3. Answers “why” candidate should be hired; 3 points
  4. Tells a story to demonstrate the ‘whys;’ 10 points

Cover Sheet to Cover Letter, 15 points

One page

Student’s Name

Professor Yoest

Class and section number

Date due

Assignment: Resume and Cover Letter

5 points

Verbiage stating that the Student visited the Career Center and the Writing Center and signed the affirmation with a signature:

“I consulted both the Career Center and the Writing Center to prepare this assignment, signed _______________________________________”

10 points




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