Guest Lecturer on Peter Drucker
by Bruce Rosenstein at The Catholic University of America


Dear MGT 345-01 and-02, On Friday 24 April at the 2:10 in McMahon 318, Bruce Rosenstein will be lecturing on Peter Drucker.

Professor Rosenstein teaches here at the CUA in Library and Info Science and was a journalist for USA Today for two decades. He has written two books on Drucker. We are lucky to have him.

Additional Credit:

You are welcome to join the class, if your schedule permits–but if not, follow these three points for 50 points additional credit.

1) Borrow or buy his book:

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and Applying a Forward-Focused Mindset Available on Kindle.

2) Write a short review in the Amazon Customer Reviews section, disclose that this was suggested reading for university credit, and

3) Email me and Christine Burias, our TA, three questions based on the book and note that you completed these additional points requirements.

Deadline is 22 April, Wednesday night at 11:55 pm.

Please alert Your Study Partners.




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