Management Training & Education:
A Comprehensive Review Session


Management Training and Education:  A Comprehensive Review Session        

I am determined to control events, not be controlled by them,

John Adams, 2nd president

Plan to attend this No-Charge seminar series in Washington, DC, hosted by The Catholic University of America and Americans United for Life.

Jack Yoest

Jack Yoest, Instructor
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The Catholic University of America 

Who:  This session will encourage CUA students in the Management Comprehensive Examination. The seminars will also benefit current managers and those staff who expect to move into a managerial role.

What: The seminar will cover the art, science and craft of management based on relationships and the need to plan, organize, lead and control. At the conclusion the attendee will have learned how to accomplish organizational goals through the thinking support of others.  Management students will gain confidence to sit for the Comp Exam.

When: Friday, Oct 23, 2015

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016

10am to noon, 12pm. Please RSVP.

Where:  The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave., N.E.
Washington 20064

McMahon, Third floor, room 310

Directions to CUA

Why: Learning the “how to supervise” is the first step a manager can take in the practice of leadership. However, quality instruction for managers is beyond most company budgets. CUA and AUL are hosting these seminars to help students and sister organizations to become more effective the execution of their respective goals: To help pass the CUA Management Comprehensive Examination or to lead an organization.

How Much: The seminar is available at no charge, but space is limited. E-mail Julie Larkin to hold your seat .  Registration is needed for the headcount for refreshments.  Contact Jack Yoest for content questions.

Instructor: John Wesley (Jack) Yoest Jr. is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Management at The School of Business and Economics at The Catholic University of America.

Professor Yoest is a senior business mentor in high technology, medicine, non-profit and new media consulting. His expertise is in management training and development, operations, sales, and marketing. He has worked with clients across the USA and in India and East Asia.

He has been published by Scripps-Howard, National Review Online, The Business Monthly, The Women’s Quarterly and other outlets. He is a columnist for Small Business Trends, which gets 18 million hits per year, and at the Business and Media Institute.  He was a finalist in the annual 2006 Weblog Awards in the Best Business Blog category for Reasoned Audacity at which covers the intersection of business, culture and politics. The blog has received one and a half million unique visitors.

Professor Yoest served as a gubernatorial appointee in the Administration of Governor James Gilmore in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his tenure in state government, he acted as the Chief Technology Officer for the Secretary of Health and Human Resources where he was responsible for the successful Year 2000 (Y2K) conversion for the 16,000-employee unit. He also served as the Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources, acting as the Chief Operating Officer of the $5 billion budget.

Prior to this post, Prof. Yoest managed entrepreneurial, start-up ventures, which included medical device companies, high technology, software manufacturers, and business consulting companies. His experience includes managing the transfer of patented biotechnology from the National Institutes of Health to his client, which enabled the company to raise $25 million in venture capital funding.

He served as Vice President of Certified Marketing Services International, an ISO 9000 business-consulting firm, where he assisted international companies in human resource certification.

And he also served as President of Computer Applications Development and Integration (CADI), the premier provider of software solutions for the criminal justice market.

Prof. Yoest served as a manager with Menlo Care, a medical device manufacturer. While at Menlo, he was a part of the team that moved sales from zero to over $12 million that resulted in a buy-out by a medical division of Johnson & Johnson.

Prof. Yoest is a former Captain in the United States Army having served in Combat Arms. He earned an MBA from George Mason University and completed graduate work in the International Operations Management Program at Oxford University.

He has been active on a number of Boards and has completed a number of 26.2-mile marathon runs.

Prof. Yoest and his wife, Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., who is president and CEO of Americans United for Life, a public interest law firm, live in the Washington, DC area with their five children and dog, Captain America.

The Yoest’s three oldest children are Division I recruited athletes. Their first-born daughter is an NCAA National Crew Champion at The University of Virginia. The Yoest’s first-born son is a pitcher at The College of William & Mary. Their middle daughter rows at Bucknell University. The Yoest’s two younger children are uncommitted.



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