On-Boarding New Employees


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The CEO and his deputy were incarcerated. They had it coming. I should have seen it coming … on Day One.

Your Business Professor was retained as a consultant for Business Development — these are code words for Sales and Marketing. However, few companies use these actual words.

Sales invokes visions of a used car salesman. And nobody knows what marketing is.

Anyway, I was preparing a seminar on sales management and followed the CEO as he greeted his three new sales hires.

The boss pointed at some desks at the end of a cubicle prairie and said, “Welcome to the company.” That was it.

No introductions. No meet-and-greet. No computers. No chairs.

This was my first clue: The Big Boss didn’t know about new employee orientation or on-boarding.

He didn’t know big things, like the law.

He didn’t know little things, like welcoming new hires.

The folks in the C-suites would soon run afoul of all manner of regulatory practices, get caught, tried in a court of law, and carted off to jail.

Now, of course, no manager should be imprisoned for failing to competently run an on-boarding program. And the CEO’s failure to obey the law might not be a proxy for management failure.

Or maybe it was…

Read the story here:

How Do You Handle Onboarding of New Employees?


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