November 24; Equal Under Law, But Equal to Each Other?
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24 November

Differing weights and differing measures—
the LORD detests them both.

Proverbs 20:10

Equal Under Law, But Equal to Each Other?


“If you question Title IX,” one purist asked, “Why then do you let your girls play collegiate sports?”

“We play the field as it’s striped,” comes the reply.

Women’s Crew is supported by the University of Virginia. Men’s Rowing is club sport not a part of UVA.

Bucknell University Men’s Crew lost university support to meet gender equality dictates. Women there can row with university backing.

Title IX is “a landmark law known by its number,” says Sabrina L. Schaeffer, executive director of Independent Women’s Forum. It was designed to help women. Instead it cut men’s sports.

Is this fair?


The manager’s work is the getting things done with using the strengths of others.

But the rules of college sports have been changed. The measure is not athletics but political outcomes.

Academy Award winner John Irving coached or competed in wrestling for three decades. He is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He writes in The New York Times,

[T]he intent of Title IX was not to establish gender quotas or require preferential treatment as reparation for past discrimination. Smart thinking — after all, the legislation was intended to prohibit discrimination against either sex.

Irving is concerned. Health reporter Karen Owoc writes, “355 men’s college wrestling teams (22,000 roster positions) have been eliminated over the past decade.”

Whatever Congressional original intent, the regulation has forced colleges to drop men’s athletic programs.

Karen Owoc continues,

UCLA abandoned its men’s gymnastics team ten years after it had produced half of the United States team that won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics.

Since 1982, over 64 schools have discontinued swimming and diving programs.

212 men’s gymnastics teams have been dropped since 1969 (2,544 roster positions lost); only 18 NCAA programs remain (216 roster positions).

James Madison University dropped men’s archery, indoor track, outdoor track, cross country, gymnastics, swimming and wrestling in 2006.

Rutgers University eliminated men’s light weight crew, heavy weight crew, swimming, tennis, diving, and fencing in 2007.

There is no Title IX gender enforcement in music, dance or physics.

Jessica Gavora in her book Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX, quotes author and social scientist Charles Murray, in that there are,

[D]ifficulties inherent in trying to prove that a particular government action produced—or failed to produce—a particular result. The bottom line, according to Murray, is that “proof “ is unattainable because government policy is only one of a virtually infinite set of variables that combine to produce a given outcome. Isolating that policy from broader social and economic trends is impossible. (Gavora, 2002)

But the spirit of our times has been perverted: ‘gender equity’ is demanded everywhere.


Is the entry-level mail-room worker equal to the CEO? We are equal in the eyes of our Creator and under the law. We each have value as The Creator’s creation. Let us hope that the team understands that we each have God-given talents and that these abilities can be used in different parts of an organization. The organizing manager is responsible for making this assessment.

The manager makes these personnel decisions using wisdom and judgment in knowing what is being measured and how to discern what is right and accurate. It may not be effective to measure apples against oranges.

This is a gender minefield. Should men and women be treated differently in the workplace?

A man should not be appointed if he is more interested in the question “Who is right?” than in the question “What is right?” To put personality above the requirements of the work is corruption and corrupts.

To ask “Who is right?” encourages one’s subordinates to play safe, if not to play politics. Above all, it encourages them to “cover up” rather than to take corrective action as soon as they find out that they have made a mistake. (Drucker 1973) p 462

When the manager substitutes ‘gender’ or ‘race’ for ‘personality’ in Peter Drucker’s directive we have tilted the playing field. We will have moved from accomplishing organizational goals to politics.

For example, the Marine Corps has a rigorous and selective admissions program: Every male Marine must complete two pull ups. Women, zero.

The Marine Corps has moved as an organization that is more interested in politics than in battlefield victory.

Winning is the measure for most enterprises. The National Football League has no female players. The NFL is still interested in winning.

Differing weights and differing measures– the LORD detests them both. Proverbs 20:10


Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX, by Jessica Gavora, Page 30-31.


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