February 17; Taking Charge Even Before Charging In
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17 February

Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has ten talents.

Matthew 25:28

Taking Charge Even Before Charging In

Take the Talents

Men and women are different in spite of what our feminists’ friends preach. And women must manage differently. Here’s how to start.

Women who take a new management position have a greater challenge than do men. New female supervisors have to put up with the usual consultant’s patronizing drivel of ‘soft skills, empathy, sharing and caring.’ The important girly stuff.

As soon as a woman breaks the glass ceiling she should breaking some china,

1) Fire Someone. And,

2) Cut Someone’s Budget.

This is not for the faint of heart. And only a small, self-selecting group of women can handle such brutality.

But it is the best way for most women to be effective and to extend her influence.

And it’s not as bad as Your Business Professor makes it out to be.


On assuming any new position of responsibility, there will be necessary changes in personnel and budget allocation. Make those changes immediately on your arrival.

Matthew 25:28 provides the woman’s best action after her breaking the glass ceiling, in punishing the “wicked, lazy servant,” Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has ten talents.

That will be the easy part.

The challenge is to negotiate up-front with the hiring committee–as a condition on taking the new position—that she can make significant changes. The new manager may not know exactly what budget will be cut or who will need to be released. But she will know that she must make dominating decisions. The female candidate for the management should tell her prospective superior that,

1) She will be making changes, and

2) She must have her new bosses’ backing.

If she doesn’t get the backing before getting hired–she won’t get it after getting hired. If she doesn’t get the support during the hiring negotiation, then maybe she shouldn’t take the job.

Here’s the secret that hiring managers are reluctant to tell the candidate: there is deadwood to be cleared out and improvements to be made. This will be done by the new guy — or in this example, the new girl.

The hiring leadership will reward the manager who makes needed changes.

“Talent” will be rewarded.



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