March 11; There Is Work To Be Done and Must Be Done Right, But What Is The Right Work?
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11 March

All hard work brings a profit…

Proverbs 14:23a

There Is Work To Be Done and Must Be Done Right, But What Is The Right Work?


You are the CEO deciding between two candidates for a top management position.

One manager is brilliant and hard working.

The other is brilliant and, well, lazy.

Which manager do you pick to get things done? The ‘hard working’ boss. Or that ‘lazy’ one?

Is this even a decision?

Yes. But odds are you picked and promoted the wrong guy. You went for the very busy over the not-so-busy. And you would be fooled. By a busy-body.

Definition: The professional manager gets things done through the thinking support of others. Too much of the ‘work’ that most managers are doing should not be done by the manager. It is true as Proverbs says, that work is profitable. But what is “work” for the manager?

The manager’s job is to plan, organize, lead and control. In contrast, the individual contributor does the doing – does the hands-on work.

The amateur manager confuses what his ‘work’ is and what it is not. Your Business Professor made this working mistake both as a young Army officer and as a new manager. I was hard-working and brilliant (citation source: author’s mother). But I wasn’t very smart. I was doing the wrong ‘work’ for a manager. I was doing too much of the doing and not much of the delegating. I was doing the tasks of an individual contributor and not much of the work of a manager.

Your (Teutonic) Business Professor can be rather direct and harsh in using ‘lazy’ as a description. Richard Koch, a writer and former manager at Boston Consulting Group and partner at Bain and Company, offers a better word. He suggests “relaxed” rather than “lazy.” (Kock 1999)

The manager’s job is to see that the work gets done—through others. And not to do the work themselves.

When the ‘relaxed’ manager understands what his work is, he can then be effective and advance the organization’s goals and bring a profit.

Picking the right team and making a good hire is the hard work of profitable management.

Proverbs 14:23, All hard work brings a profit.



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