April 22; Are There Some Jobs No Female Manager Should Do?;
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Chapter Four: Relationships; 22 April

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.

Luke 10:40a

Are There Some Jobs No Female Manager Should Do?


She wore a distinctive brown apron just like the five other staffers. She was competent and efficient and expert at food service at the company picnic.

I told my client to take action at the close of business. Not to thank her. No. The CEO needed to do something ugly.

Fire her.

The hands-on workingwoman had mis-managed her relationship with her position.

The young female was a manager in charge of the department. Instead, she was just one of the girls.

Yes, there are times when the effective manager converts to an efficient individual contributor. That was not the time.

There are isolated circumstances where the boss can cross the line between manager and individual contributor,

  1. In a temporary condition where extra hands are needed. These are called “emergencies.”
  2. In a crisis where the managerial skill is not needed. Like when the building is on fire. Extreme crisis management.
  3. Doing the work that can’t be delegated down. Such as a hand written note congratulating a staffer on hitting a sales quota.
  4. Doing that work that only the manager can do. Where the Chief of Surgery demonstrates a procedure to a young doctor.

All too often emergencies are not temporary but an excuse of the manager to do the (real!) work he knows best. Down in the trenches with the troops. Rolling up his sleeves. Getting his hands dirty. Being one of the boys is not management.

“Women’s work” as the efforts of the individual contributor is not managerial work.

There are not that many occasions where a manager can take on the functions of a staffer. There are even fewer for a woman.

President George Bush could surprise troops in Baghdad during the Iraq war and serve turkey to the troops at Thanksgiving. But no woman can do this. Even if she were president.

A female manager can have a servant’s heart but she better not be serving coffee.

The aproned young lady was not happy in the role of a manager who gets things done through others. She was more comfortable in the job of doing the hands-on work. She soon left the organization for productive labor as an individual contributor at another company.

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. Luke 10:40a



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