June 5; Is It Grounds For Termination? Or A Pulitzer?
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Chapter Six: Correction; 5 June

…a trustworthy person keeps a secret.

Proverbs 11:13b

Is It Grounds For Termination? Or A Pulitzer?


D-Day Invasion Courtesy US Army

D-Day Invasion
Courtesy US Army

The Pulitzer Prizes have been “honoring excellence in journalism and the arts since 1917.” Every writer lusts for one of the 21 awards bestowed each year. Prizes can come with $10,000 prize money.

Money and Recognition. What’s it worth to you?

If you were a “journalist” what would you do to get the bucks and adulation? Would you, say, sell out the American soldier for a Pulitzer Prize?

You wouldn’t?

Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post would.

Gary Bauer ran for president and worked for Ronald Reagan as Domestic Policy Advisor. He now runs the non-profit Campaign for Working Families. He knows politics and the media. He tells the story,

A number of years ago at the National Press Club I had the opportunity to ask Ben Bradlee, then executive editor of the Washington Post, what he would have done if he found out ahead of time about the D-Day invasion to liberate Europe.

Would the Post have printed the story?  Bradlee’s answer took a while, but the bottom line was “yes.”

Thank God that the men and women who were U.S. journalists during WWII had a different ethical standard than Ben Bradlee and many of today’s media elites.

A person of character and integrity would keep a vital secret. If you would betray the American soldier, you just might win a Pulitzer. And it would be worth it.

If you are a “journalist.”

As Proverbs 11:13b says, …a trustworthy person keeps a secret.



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