I’m in Vogue magazine


In an article on Katie Couric, this month’s Vogue magazine covers the reasoned audacity v. Naomi Wolf duel from November’s Today Show appearance. The article isn’t online, so my Director of Puffery is working on getting a copy . . . check back soon!

UPDATE: Here’s the Vogue mention at the jump. Check out how I was dressed in a “sharp” red suit, while Naomi looked, um, “luscious” in pink?!?! Vogue thinks Naomi was using pink to send a message. . What would that be? Pink now means: “my candidate just lost . . .but don’t move to Canada, the sun will come out tomorrow?”




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  1. Jack Yoest says:

    The Devil Wears Prada and Alan Greenspan: Nuance and Silence

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