Berger Baloney


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Okay, I know the cartoon scrolls underneath my template — sorry, I can’t resist leaving it in: consider the first two panels a teaser, and click through to Chris for the great punchline. . .

Here’s the Washington Post on how Sandy Berger “spoke falsely” — otherwise known to the Penta-Posse as, um, a lie:

The deal’s terms make clear that Berger spoke falsely last summer in public claims that in 2003 he twice inadvertently walked off with copies of a classified document during visits to the National Archives, then later lost them.

If you’ve forgotten about the Sandy Berger affair, that would be because there hasn’t been any coverage. Even this finding of guilt and $10,000 fine was below-the-fold in small type. Remember Ray Donovan‘s question “where do I go to get my reputation back?” after his acquittal?

(Donovan’s sin was serving as Ronald Reagan’s Labor Secretary. Berger’s redemption is Bill Clinton.)

Donovan was crucified and Berger already has been redeemed as a pundit. Just watch.


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