Laura Bush. . . and the Problem with Guy Humor


Since I am a big fan of Laura Bush’s, I had been skirting the issue of her questionable taste in jokes on Saturday night. But Paul, of My Dogs Are Smarter, has backed me into a corner (of the dog pound)! So here we go. . .

But first, “Roo-Roo!”

I refuse to explain that punchline. The joke is a guy thing, apparently.

In fact, I once read a Dave Barry column in which he said every guy knows the joke behind that punchline. Skeptical, I asked Jack if he knew the “Roo-Roo” joke, and he started laughing.

And that gets me to my point. I would wager any amount of money that Mrs. Bush’s speechwriter for Saturday night. . . was a guy. (And not Mike Gerson, either.)

My beloved recently beseeched me to add the Roo-Roo joke to a post. And, actually, it would have been really funny. But. . . . I just couldn’t.

I explained this to him. “But honey,” said I, “it’s about . . well, you know. . . I just can’t. . .it’s, it’s. . .”

Perhaps George and Laura needed to have a similar conversation in the limo on the way to the Washington Hilton.

(Now Jack wants me to add a whole section of Famous Punchlines Every 14-year-old Boy Knows. . . beginning with “The doctor says you’re going to die.”)

I’ll let you in on a secret — I was on Politically Incorrect with Andrew Dice Clay, and when I came home, Jack had to explain the jokes to me. . . when we go jogging together, my former Army captain, keeps me going by singing, um, somewhat colorful “Jody cadences:”

Ain’t no use in going back

Jody’s got your cadillac

Ain’t no use in calling home

Jody’s got your girl and gone

Ain’t no use in feeling blue

Jody’s got your sister too

(That’s the official clean version.)

So I digress. Our Best Man, Tom B., says the difference between men and women can be summed up by the popularity of The Three Stooges. Among men. The point is, some jokes are by and for just guys.

Republicans just never seem to learn. They are always trying just a little too hard to be “one of the guys/girls/other” — part of the permanent DC (Democrat) establishment.

Instead of joking about Mrs. Cheney, the First Lady should have had her review the script. . .


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