Rosie O'Donnell . . . Ridiculous. . .


“Bush is a war criminal. . .”

Here’s what Rosie O’Donnell recently said to Geraldo Rivera, according to the New York Post (Photo credit-Getty):

You know [President Bush] invaded a sovereign nation [Iraq] in defiance of the U.N. He is basically a war criminal! He should be tried in the Hague!

Not to take Rosie too seriously. But, typical liberal. Back to the courts. And, of course, even our USA courts aren’t lefty enough for her. If she really believed he was a war criminal, guess what, Rosie, Civics 101, we do have methods of dealing with that, right here at home. But nooooo… let’s take it all the way to the Hague.

This is a woman whose career is over, but she just doesn’t know it yet. When it does dawn on her, I’m sure she can find a way to turn it into gender discrimination, and complain to the EU.


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