Combat Action Badge – Now for Women, too.


For everyone following the frog. . .I’ve been writing about the Army’s plan (nefarious!) to insert women in combat. Some readers have been skeptical that it is a deliberate plan. But I’m the one collecting coins now.

Secretary of the Army, Francis Harvey

looking toward Army Chief of Staff,

General Peter Schoomaker

Here’s more evidence of Schoomaker, “boiling the frog.” The Army announced today that it will be issuing a new “Combat Action Badge.” (Thanks, IntelDump.) Women will be eligible, even retroactively (quote, Washington Post):

Any Army soldier who has seen active combat while in Iraq or Afghanistan may now receive a new “Combat Action Badge,” making tens of thousands of soldiers who are not in the infantry ranks — including women — eligible for a combat award for the first time.

Wait one — there are some really subtle points that need to be made about this decision. I support our women in uniform. And, surely our support goes to the women who have come under fire in Iraq. This really isn’t about them.

The issue is the policy decisions being made, and some that are studiously not being made, that are putting an increasing number of women in harm’s way. Deliberately. The badge merely comes after as a way of presenting the fait accompli.

This is a case study on path dependence.

A further quote from the Post story helps illustrate my point:

The badge is the first non-medical combat distinction to honor women who are caught in battle during U.S. wars, largely because women are not assigned to frontline combat duties.

Read that carefully. Women are being “caught in battle” because they are being assigned near where battle can, might, will happen. It’s that simple.

At the announcement of the new badge, Schoomaker said: “Warfare is still a human endeavor. Our intent is to recognize Soldiers who demonstrate and live the Warrior Ethos.” The Band of Brothers now includes your Sister.


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  1. Timothy J.Dinnigan says:

    I think the Combat Action Badge!! It shows that the Higher ups do care about the troops that are every were Not just the front line Troops, I was in the 53rd Troop Command, asigned to the 204th Combat Eng. Bn. Out of New York, Back in 1998-99 The 204th was sent down to Honduras, To build schools,medical building & and fix roads, We had our work cut out for us, I was a Hvy equip oprater, and mostly worked with the grader fixing the roads.The Army special forces were there as well, We had the Honduares soilders watching our backs because we were not allowed to carry our M-16A2 with us, This day we were working about a mile 1/2 from were the unit was building a school, There were 3 grader working this part of the road, I was about 100 yard or so ahead of the other men, this road really didn’t need any work so I was pulling big rocks out of the run off,I was woking the right side of the road, so I was mostly looking dwn and too the right of the Mech. I remember seeing a women walk in front of me, so I stopped and let her cross the road she went to a stream to wash dishes & pots Then I hear a funny sound I looked to my left, and I could see air coming out the tire next to my cab,at 1st I was pissed then a crash? I thought I was sung by a bee in my neck? as I turned around grabbing my neck, I saw this women take cover in the field,I grabbed my web gear and jump out the right side of the Mech. I started to wave to the other guys to stop and to go get help, Well they just sat there, that was a good thing, I really don’t know how many shots were fired at me, because the Mech.was running, I got my self into the run off on the side of the road and waitted to see if any one would come out! after a while I got back into the grader and limp it back to were the unit was working on the school I told the Honduras soilders what happen and they went to clear the area I call in to get the tire fixed, then I saw the on site Medic,I told her I think I was bit by a bee, and she pulled a pices of class out of my neck,She cleaned me up I got the tire fixed and I went back to work.I am no longer in the Nation Guard, because I was hurt very bad working as a Union Steamfitter in New York, A pipe blow up and crushed in the left side of my head, I now have 5 medal plates in my head,I am still very close with my guys in the 204th and this story about what happen to me came up, and I was told I should tell it? for what good I don;t really know. Timothy J. Dinnigan (SSG RET.)

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