Women in Combat – Elaine Donnelly on NRO Today


For those of you following the women in combat issue, you’ll want to be sure to see Elaine Donnelly’s piece on women in combat on NRO today:

The blueprint appears to be a “Women in the Army Point Paper” prepared by the office of Army Secretary Francis Harvey on January 24, which includes a subtle but significant change in the wording of Defense Department regulations.

Current directives exempt female soldiers from direct ground-combat units such as the infantry and armor, and from smaller support companies that “collocate” (operate 100 percent of the time) with land-combat troops. The new, unauthorized wording narrows the “collocation rule” to apply only when a combat unit is actually “conducting an assigned direct ground combat mission”.

General Schoomaker recited Defense Department regulations, but claimed (without justification) that the Army has separate rules that exempt female soldiers from collocation with land-combat battalions “at the time that those units are undergoing those operations”. By adding the words “conducting” or “undergoing” (a direct ground-combat mission) to the collocation rule, the Army has created a new regulation that has not been authorized by the Secretary of Defense, or reported to Congress in advance, as required by law.


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2 Responses

  1. Trudi Atkins says:

    Dear Mrs.Donnelly,

    In regard to women in combat, I would like to remind everyone,especially you, that neither men or women are expendable.If a woman wants to serve in the military and want to serve in combat,provided she meets the same physical requirements as men, I see nothing wrong with it.

    This country belongs to all of us and we should all be willing to serve. If people are that much against women serving in combat, I suggest we go back to the old days of the WACS. WAVES, WAFS,and Nurses Corps to separate the sexes. Also,as far as I am concern, any UNMARRIED service woman who gets pregnant, should be given an automatic dishonorable discharge immediately without pay.

  2. Trudi Atkins says:

    To finished what I was saying and she should pay the military for its time and trouble training her to be a soldier.Unmarried pregnant women do not belong in the military,even if she has an abortion, she should still be punished and the man that gets her pregnant should have all of his wages confiscated, in order to pay for the childcare,etc. unless they get married and she can stay in the military and do noncombative work.Someone has to stay home and take care of the child.I do think the military is making a mistake putting both men and women together in combat units. (co-ed dorms)

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