Howard Kurtz quotes Reasoned Audacity


Howard Kurtz quotes our review of the new blog, the Huffington Post today in Media Notes Extra.


Howard begins: “A rather mixed reception in the blogosphere:” Then quotes, American Mind, Jack Shafer at Slate, Nikke Finke at LA Weekly, Boi from Troy, and Reasoned Audacity, following:

“[Huffington’s] blog is a strange disconnect for me: in person, Arianna is strikingly beautiful, quite engaging, and her accent, so distracting on television, is charming. By contrast, the blog, named after her, is strangely none of those things.”

I thought one of yesterday’s most interesting comments on Arianna’s venture came from Jim Geraghty:

Attention, Arianna: We already know what celebrities think. They’re telling us all the time. . . this has “Tina Brown’s Talk magazine” or “John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine” written all over it.

Today Arianna has one recognizable conservative female, Danielle Crittenden along with Joe Scarborough. Then for “balance,” Tina Brown, and a whole gaggle of male liberals: Rob Reiner, Bill Maher, Andy Stern, Gary Hart, Jerry Brown, Larry David, Walter Cronkite, Jon Corzine, Ed Markey. . .

Actually, come to think of it, that looks like a fair fight.


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