Susan Torres and Her Baby Need Your Help


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Susan and Peter Torres

Susan Torres was 17 weeks pregnant when she collapsed and stopped breathing the day before Mother’s Day. Her husband performed CPR and she was rushed to the hospital, where they discovered that she has a stage four melanoma cancer invading her brain.

The doctors have told her husband, Jason, that they cannot save Susan. But they are working valiantly to save her baby.

Even as Susan declines, the baby appears to be well — yesterday Susan’s family reported that they have felt the baby kicking . . . Susan and the baby need to make it to July 11th to give the baby the best chance of survival.

Please keep this family in your prayers. Susan and Jason have a two-year-old son, Peter. How hard it will be for them to welcome the baby, and say goodbye to Susan at the same time.

And if you can support them financially, they do need help with the cost: their expenses are mounting with at least $1500 a day that is not covered by their insurance. Details on how to contribute, and to get updates on Susan and the baby are available here. There is a link there for donating via Paypal; checks can also be sent to:

The Susan M. Torres Fund

c/o Faith and Action

P.O. Box 34105

Washington, D.C. 20043-0105

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Peter Torres

The family notes at the website that they don’t want Susan’s story to turn into something political. So I won’t say much about this. But it is striking to me that in all of the stories I have read about this tragedy, the reporters always refer to the precious life tenaciously growing, developing and kicking within Susan as. . . a baby.

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    Woman in Coma is 23 Weeks Pregnant

    A 26-year old stroke victim remains in a coma while her unborn child continues to develop and grow. Susan Torres collapsed and stopped breathing on May 7th, the day before mother?s day, and was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered…

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