Alberto Gonzales to Replace Sandra Day O'Connor Says Bill Kristol


Bill Kristol says that Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will step down next week — not the Chief Justice as everyone has been expecting — and that the President will replace her with his close friend, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. (Heard hangin’ out at the Corner from John Podhoretz.)


Alberto Gonzales

A moderate for a moderate. That’s how they’ll sell it. That’s how Washington works.


Sandra Day O’Connor

Credit: Joe Marquette

EPA/Associated Press

The Gonzalez appointment has been kickin’ around for a looong time. The President is determined to see him on the High Court. For more on Gonzalez and the politics of his nomination, see this 2003 article from Ramesh Ponnuru.


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  1. Supreme Speculation

    Bill Kristol speculates (with a fair amount of confidence) that a Supreme Court Justice will step down “within the next week.” But not Rehnquist as most would assume, but Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Who will President Bush nominate to replace her? A…

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