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Be sure to read “Adoption and the Single Girl” over at Little Miss Attila’s. It’s a really brave piece that she has written about the adoption she and her husband are pursuing today. . . and the abortion she had when she was twenty:

I’m involved in an “infertility and adoption” group through my church, and I was talking to a guy about my regrets that I had had an abortion at the age of 20. Of course, it turns out he’s going through the same thing: one of his girlfriends had an abortion when he was in college. It’s especially painful for those of us who desperately want kids to contemplate the fact that we could have produced them at one time, but destroyed them instead.

She then goes on:

I’ve been berating myself for over 20 years for not standing up to this guy and having the baby. . . And the knee-jerk rush toward abortion as the only solution to the problem of unplanned pregnancies is a tragedy for men and women.

And that’s why I am pro-life.

It’s a must read — thanks for having the courage to write it, Attila.


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  1. Blatherings says:

    Little Miss Atilla

    (I apologize – the link on my first tb did not work.) There is a heart rending story of truth written at Little Miss Atilla. The author knows of what she speaks and she gives great advice to those young people just entering pre-adulthood. Listen to h…

  2. Attila Girl says:

    Thanks so much for the link; I appreciate it.

    For the record, I’m technically pro-choice. But I recognize that very few of those who want abortion to be “safe, legal and rare” really mean that third word in the description.

    And I encourage women to think this all the way through. I really don’t see any need for abortion in most cases: even a full year’s delay in schooling is not a big hardship for most girls. And there are so many families waiting to adopt.

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